All Alone Together at The Top!

Trekking always fascinated me and still it does!There are many out there who would spend money and time to go on a hike.A trek definitely reinvigorates you and supplements with that extra bit of energy one requires from time to time.My story is about such a trek we undertook many years ago when all of us were very young and all were overflowing with high enthusiasm and drive.

I live in southern Kerala and the imposing Western Ghats runs almost all through the State.The Agastya mountains invites all sorts of trekkers and we have heard about these mountains right from early childhood.The Agstyakoodam is the second highest peak south of the Himalayas and is around 20KMs from Neyyar Dam;via one of the trek routes.The highest peak south of the Himalayas is Anamudi located near Munnar.

The stories about the imposing Agastyakoodam were sort of folklore in those days.Many known to us have never visited the peak.But all knew that such a peak existed.We couldn’t find even one person who trekked the mountain.All that the advise we got was never even think of going there!

Trekking may be a fashionable word now-a-days but never so popular those days.Trekking involves risks and no ordinary parent would allow their wards to embark on such a journey.More over in those days certain disputes were going on in connection with the placing of an idol of Agstya muni on top of the peak


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