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Trivandrum to Calicut Via Air……

The filght time from Trivandrum to Calicut in the big filght is about 40 minutes.Air India Express flies weekly once at a very affordable rate.I have become a very regular passenger in this flight now a days.





So whats big about this particular route?If you are the type who just relaxes by closing your eyes for the entire duration of the flight,then this is a very usual and boring flight!


new stadia

New stadium coming up near Karyavattom,Trivandrum




But if you are awake and managed to get a window seat then the story starts!This flight covers more or less three quarters of the length of Kerala or may be more.If the sky is clear and clouds have given way to clearer views poetry is about to start.


As the flight takes off from the Trivandrum airport and if you are sitting on a right side window seat,the city comes into clear view.If you are watchful, can see the “Gopuram” of Padmanabha Swamy temple.The Kazhakuttam bye pass road will come into view very clearly with the vehicles moving in both directions.The railway line is also visible and if you are lucky enough can see trains chugging along,if at all there were one or two.


Kadalundy River….Malappuram’s Own

If the sky is really clear one can see the Western Ghats at a distance.The Agstyakoodam Peak is conspicuous by its shape.Along with that the entire range of mountains looks stunningly amazing.

The Kochuveli railway station comes into view next along with the Veli bridge on the Kazhakuttam bye pass road.The new Infosys builldings(Constructed in the shape of a coconut frond and at the same time like a ship)can be seen clearly.A few car showrooms with many no.of cars parked cannot be missed by anybody.

Normally after this the plane takes a slight right turn and then straightens.Of course it climbs up high into the sky and everything underneath the plane becomes very miniscule.Noticeable after this part is normally the backwaters of Kottayam and Alleppey.The Cochin airport comes into view very clearly.

Then you are into poetic territory.The beginning of the Northern part of Kerala.

Bharathapuzha welcomes us with her meandering path clearly visible even from 8000 mts!The flight would have already started its decent towards Calicut Airport.


Veli lake joins Arabian Sea

Pattambi and Thrithala comes into view with all the surrounding places.The bridge which connects Valanchery to Thrithala can be seen distinctly.

Kadalundipuzha offers another breathtaking view.It meanders like a big snake and the recent rains must have made the river flow with plenty of water.The Kadalundy river originates in the Silent Valley and flows for about 120kms and joins the Arabian sea near Calicut.

As the flight approached the runway at Calicut a few towns of Malappuram comes into view.Manjeri can be seen clearly.A new lush playing ground is visible as the flight takes a few turns before landing.


Quite flows the Bharathapuzha



So enjoy your next flight from Trivandrum to Calicut or vice versa.