World War 3 is on….How to stop it?


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About 200 million disappear every year which is more than the deaths happened during the 2 World wars combined.The major difference is that during last world wars primarily it were men who lost their lives.But in this war it is the girls and only girls who are getting killed.What World war are we talking about?Yes it is the war against the girl child.A mind boggling number of girls are banished from this world before they are born or just after.Film maker Evan Grae Davis calls this the Gendercide.


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More number of girls are exterminated in India and China than the number of girls born in the USA.


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India and China leads the table in erasing the fairer sex.We all know that this was happening for quite some time.Despite the understanding, it was shocking to grasp a woman’s revelation about killing 8 girl babies born to her.She buried them in the nearby farm side by side.

In China pregnant women electrocute themselves and abort their pregnancies when they come to know that they are bearing a girl child.Horrifying to know this bit of information.

Another terrifying information comes from Cambodia where girl babies are smashed against what are called killing trees and thrown into a pit one by one.Are we living in the 21st Century?


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But why this lady who strangled her new born baby girls would resort to such inhuman act?For this she has an answer which connects to  her own early  life.She was quite good at school and by the time she was about 15 her parents married her to her sister’s husband.Her sister couldn’t bear any child so she was married off just to have children; that too boys.

Evan opines that the 3 deadliest words in the world are  “It’s a Girl”.

There is a genocide occurring in the world today.This genocide is not based on race or religion but on gender.The female gender is not welcome for some people around the world.Millions of girls are “Gendercided” every year around the world and nothing much is done to prevent it.


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Evan Grae Davis has spent time around the world including India as part of his filming assignments.He has spent days in the Aral sea which is a desert now and understood the sufferings of people living there.They had fished in the Aral sea for generations but their plight is horrifying now.

But nothing prepared Davis for the day when he stood beside the grave of the 8 girls terminated by their mother.The woman didn’t want a daughter; she wanted a son.The lady never showed any remorse for the mischievous act done by her but felt happy that they didn’t have to live in poverty and face the challenges encountered by women in India.


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Davis fathomed that she is a product of the environment and culture.A culture where a baby boy is cherished than a girl.

In India 5 million baby girls are aborted annually.Mortality rate for girls are 75% higher than that for boys.Thousands of dowry deaths are reported every year.

In China along with the “son” preference, the one child policy has resulted in 37 million more men than women!One million more boys are born every year.

The impact of this enormous gender imbalance has caused tremendous sex trafficking issues for China.Apart from this over 70 thousand girls are kidnapped from their homes to be sold as brides.Families would have no other ways of finding brides for their sons.


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The one child policy is enforced severely by the Government in China.Women are forcefully dragged out of their houses and their fetuses  aborted if they havn’t registered their yet to be born child.

So how can one respond to end such inhuman act?

The “Save the girl child” campaign seems to have done nothing much in controlling  this female genocide.We have to make a long and hard look at what we are doing and should “Turn the mirror around”.We have allowed things to go horribly wrong and its time put things in order.

Restoring the value and dignity of the girl child would call for taking responsibility from every member of the society.They involve little girls,boys men,women,Govenrment officials and the medical profession alike.

Strong laws should protect the girls form such extermination.Is their anything we can do to hear the voices of Chinese women who are not listened to in their country?


Disturbing stats…Pic from Shadowline films’ facebook page

How can we stop this Gendercide?

We can involve ourselves in changing the culture of devaluation of women in our society and help eradicate this apathy towards them.

One action we can do is to popularize the documentary created by Evan Grae Davis; “It’s a Girl” .This would help in creating more awareness and bring the issue of female genocide into the forefront.

One day “Gendercide” should become a distant memory of the past…….

Please click on the link to watch the youtube video of Evan Grae Davis’ Lecture

Franklin Templeton  Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012

Click on the following link to watch a trailer of the documentary “Its a Girl” by Evan Grae Davis


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