All Whites “Caterpillar”….Amazing Guest

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It was a Wednesday morning and a slight drizzle was on.The climate was cool because of the previous night’s rain and the sun was playing truant.Unusual weather conditions;one might think.It was unusual, for the rains have been scarce throughout the year and scorching heat was bearing down on planet earth;at least in our part of the world.

All Whites Caterpillar……Is it Unusual?

Kerala is blessed with coconut trees aplenty(not something I have discovered just now!).I have my neighbour Aunty’s coconut tree leaves slanting over to my house.In Kerala this is just very usual and nobody complaints about the ubiquitous tree’s unwanted slantings.


I do get quite a no.of avian friends visiting my house very often.Be it the Sunbird,Asian Koel,Coucal or the very rare Black Kite.It is often my wife who discovers them first and shouts at me about her findings.I immediately rush out with my digital Canon SLR with a relatively good zoom lens to capture the guest’s portraits.

Thread like outfit…….Interesting

As usual this particular Wednesday morning she shouted!”Come fast and have a look;there is an unsual looking worm on the coconut tree leaf”.

I went out in right earnest and found a peculiar looking “caterpillar”.It was all white in color(means no colour!)and about 10cms in length.It was munching on a leaf and it seemed unperrturbed by our close presense.The photographer inside me started his action and I came back with the camera in hand.I could able to click a few shots.It was drizzling slightly so I had to cover the camera with a towel.

Since I was all that not happy with the angles I was getting my wife tried to tilt the leaf.But suddently the white fella rolled into a sort of ball like shape.It had very interesting “fur” which looked like white threads.It seemed more like a torn cloth with a few yarns dangling here and there.

We considered it to be a special type of caterpillar though not sure.I asked a few experts and they are also not aware of this “whitey” as of now.

After having spend some time with the unusual guest we went inside to finsh breakfast.I came back to have one more look at the “caterpillar” and there;it was gone.

Same guy…..Different shape



We consider this experience of ours with an unusual and probabily unwanted guest(may be it is harmful for the coconut tree)a very nice rare incident.Iam not sure whether I would see it again……..




This post is a part of <a title="WOW" href="">Write Over the Weekend</a>, an initiative for <a title="Indian Bloggers" href="">Indian Bloggers</a> by BlogAdda


4 thoughts on “All Whites “Caterpillar”….Amazing Guest

  1. Nirmala Francis

    I saw a similar caterpillar near my house in Bangalore. The next day it had curled up the leaf to form a home for itself. Waiting to see what it turn out to be….hopefully the apartment garderner will not chop off the leaf….

    1. passionatepal Post author

      Thanks for your comments.This caterpillar is known as Giant Red Eye or Punky caterpillar.This lives in coconut trees.Looks fascinating but may not be coconut-friendly.

      V S Sankar


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