A Special Guest From Above

A Black Kite…….The King

It was a Monday morning and I was about to set out on my work,after having breakfast and the second coffee of the morning.Suddently my wife shouted standing on the wide balcony of our house;Look at this,a Kite!

It seemed thirsty….

Well,spotting a black kite may not be a big deal in our part of the world as one can see them flying above our heads quite often.But getting to see one black kite at close quarters was something very unique,at least for me.I havn’t seen a kite so close.But here was my chance.

Within touching distance

I immediately jumped to the front and saw a beautiful looking bird;the black kite;standing nonchalantly near a flower pot maintained by my wife.We always keep a water filled pot for the occational sunbird or for even the omnipresent crow.But now it has come handy for a special guest,the high flying kite.

Black Kite or Milvus Migrans is a medium sized bird of prey of the family Accipitridae.They are opportunistic hunters and scavengers.There most favourite pass time is to hover and glide in the open sky.This bird can be widely seen throughout India.Blcak Kites are slightly smaller than red kites.

Inquisitive Black Kite

After observing it for a few minutes I ran for my camera(Canonn 400D with a 55-250 zoom lens).The bird was so close that I could take quite a number of pictures.My wife tried to touch it but I told her not to do that.It is better to observe such birds from a distance and touching may cause a few problems for them;after all it was not a captive bird.

It was fun watching the bird gulp;a young one at that; a few mouthfuls of water from the mud pot.Neighbours also gathered to see this unusual spectacle taking place at my house.It stood there for colse to 10 mintes and flew off,disappointing me and my wife.But I thought the winged denizens of this world are happy flying.


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